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Selected Works by David Robinson
David Robinson David Robinson David Robinson David Robinson
David Robinson David Robinson David Robinson David Robinson
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David Robinson

David Robinson demonstrates a great command of media and skill as a figurative sculptor. The artist's sculptures juxtapose themselves in urban architectural settings, demonstrating a modernistic approach to a very classical domain in art - the nude. Robinson holds deep reverence for imagery and symbolism and this, combined with his noteworthy skill, allows the viewer to participate in the allegorical through contemporary form.

These striking sculptures incorporate materials ranging from traditional bronze, iron, steel and silver to polymer-gypsum, cement and hydrostone and range from intimate to overwhelming in size. While Robinson’s work is primarily figurative, he often adds psychological and mythological elements to his subjects through the use of strings and cables, which both connect and dissociate his figures from their environment and further describe the inherent tension that exists. Robinson's sculptures explore dichotomies such as gravity and flight, religion and secularism and individuality and mass culture. Through his artistry, he is able to bridge these massive discordances into single poetic gestures.

Of his practise Robinson states:

“Whatever else can be said of it, figurative sculpture is an accessible receptacle of the human imagination. It is architecture with a human face and, as such, it is a germane reflection on the structure of the city. These works are to inhabit the city, where our own human presence is so often incidental to the larger visions that fuel its artifice. They are to project into the city a sense of place, connected not only by the bricks and mortar of urban infrastructure, but by the infrastructure of a human community without which a city is no place at all.”

David Robinson studied Fine Art at The Central Technical Institute and Vancouver Community College.In 1987 he attended the Ontario College of Art and earned his Graduate Honours in Sculpture. Robinson has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has been commissioned to produce a multitude of large-scale public and private works. Robinson’s sculptures have been collected by many high profile corporate and private collections, such as Concordia University, CA, Four Seasons, BC, Hotel Arts, AB, Notre Dame College, ON, Rodin Law Firm Litigation Counsel, Calgary, AB, among others.