Oct 28 - Nov 18:

     Dianne Bos - "The Sleeping Green" & Book Signing
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Selected Works by Peter Hoffer
Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer
Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer Peter Hoffer
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Peter Hoffer

Peter Hoffer has a Masters of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montréal, Québec. Hoffer’s paintings can be found in several prominent public, private, and corporate collections, including Cirque de Soleil, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and ING New York, New York, Rodin Law Firm Litigation Counsel, Calgary, AB, to name a few. Currently, the artist resides in Berlin, Germany.

Hoffer’s gestural landscape paintings are sealed in layers of resin, which pick up reflections of light and ambient images. The landscape adopts its surroundings; reflecting them and thus they become part of the landscape. Also part of this reflective reality, are the people who inhabit the space, be they individuals viewing the work or people using its sheen as a mirror to preen. The curious have to step closer, change their perspective and look longer to get past reflections to see the details under the surface glimmer.

The layering of plywood, gesso, paint and resin mimic ‎ the very topography of a landscape itself. The image and material of the "objet d'art" lies in a suspended state. The image is conflicted with a surface tension, unnatural, but serene.