Oct 28 - Nov 18:

     Dianne Bos - "The Sleeping Green" & Book Signing
     Rana Rochat - "Works on Paper"
Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art
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Previous Exhibitions

February Jeroen Witvliet: The Impossibility of Travel
March Cathy Daley: Selected Works
April Pat Service: Sun Coast
May Don Maynard: Primitive Geometry
June Michael Batty: Prospect
July Bradley Harms: living ( ) space
September Christopher Kier: Absentia
James Holroyd: Alignment
October Laurie Steen and Evelyne Brader-Frank: The Poetry of Us
November Marie Lannoo: Recent Work
December Don Pollack: Ancien Régime
David Pellettier: Objects and Images

January /Feb Lynn Malin: On Paper
March Joe Andoe: New Works
April Bradley Harms: Blurring the Boundaries
John Hall: Three Decades
May William Perehudoff: Millennium Exhibition
Ben McLeod: New Sculpture
June Greg Edmonson: Vestige
September Barry Weiss: Into the Open
October Teresa Posyniak: Women and Bundles
Suzan Dionne: You’re Not Yourself Today
November Colleen Philippi: The Long Now: A Miscellany
December Kevin Sonmor: Still Lives

March Cathy Daley: Selected Works
April Jack Bush: Selected Paintings
May Barry Weiss: The Memory Series
June Andrew Valko: Small Paintings
June Michael Walker: Signs and Reflections
July Jeff Nachtigall: Cinnamon
September Margaretha Bootsma: After Before
October /Nov Christopher Kier: Monumentum
December Don Pollack: North American Inheritance

March Joe Andoe: On Paper
May Andrew Valko: Dusk to Dawn
Evelyn Grant: Women’s Work
June Collette Gouin: New Paintings
Rebecca Perehudoff
July Introductions ’98: Camrose Ducotte, Marie Lannoo, Jeff Nachtigall, Lorraine Simms, Kevin Sonmor, and Barry Weiss
September Colleen Philippi: Chapter Five or Six: The Time that Grass Keeps When It Grows
October Greg Edmonson: New Paintings
Christopher Kier: Topography
November Andre Patterson: Reflections
Theresa Posyniak
December Kevin Sonmor: Journeyman

Margaret Bootsma: Across the Near
Lee L’Clerc: Points of Reference
Don Pollack: Crossing the Meridian
Michael Walker
Helena Hadala

Doug Stone
Greg Edmonson
Collette Gouin
Christopher Kier: Tableaux
Colleen Philippi: Chapter Three: Breathing the Infinite Park
Rebecca Perehudoff
Teresa Posyniak

Lee L’Clerc
Greg Edmonson
Michael Walker
Christopher Kier: Redemption
Catherine Perehudoff
Mitchell Smith

Michael Batty: Standards Volume I
Collette Gouin: Still Life and Interiors
Christopher Kier: Iconography
Colleen Philippi: Sleep Lay Heavy Upon the Furniture
Greg Edmonson
Toby Grazer
Jane Ash Poitras, Faye Heavyshield, Shelley Niro: Together, Alone

Richard Cole
Catherine Perehudoff: Recent Paintings and Watercolours
Seka Owen: New Paintings
Collette Gouin: The Still Life
Masters of Abstraction: Bush, Perehudoff, Noland, Oiltski, Frankenthaler

Collette Gouin: Paintings From the Outback
Richard Cole