Mark Birksted
Cathy Daley dancer crouched drawing, black and white, Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Kristofir Dean, "Refracted Hydrangea", 2017, Acrylic/Resin/Panel, 36 x 36 - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Franco DeFrancesca, Quore, 2017, Newzones Gallery, Calgary
John Folsom
Bradley Harms
Peter Hoffer, "Charlotte", 2015, 48 x 48 - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Holroyd, Flower Proof 4, 2013, 10x10
Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Never Ending Days, 2016, Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Marie Lannoo
philippi, pc three hundred ninety-six, whodunit, 2017, 13x13, closed
julian schnabel
Pat Service, Blue Note, 2015, 42x42
Kevin Sonmor
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