Michael Batty, "Cadence IX", 2013 - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Chaki, "Summer Suite 9312-A", 1993, 31.5 x 48 in. - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Cathy Daley, "Untitled 1116", 2018, Oil Pastel on Vellum, 53.5 x 36 in. - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Kristofir Dean, Celebration Box, 2017, 36x38 inches, painting
Emily Filler, "Vase of Flowers (periwinkle)", 2016, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 x 24 in. - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Jonathan Forrest, "Sunflower Morning", 2017, Acrylic on Canvas - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Yechel Gagnon, "Views, Scenes", 2017, custom carved plywood, 36 x 32 inches - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Peter Hoffer, "Ombre", 2016, 40 x 72 - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Geoffrey Hunter, World 3017 Madrid Study
Christopher Kier, Caerimonia Series March 2010 V
Don Maynard Weather Patterns 1
Timothy McDowell, Nature's Maze painting 45 x 45 inches
Catherine Perehudoff, Low Mountains and Clouds, 23x30
William Perehudoff, "AC-94-24", 1994, Acrylic on Canvas, 68 x 112.75 inches - Newzones Gallery, Calgary
Colleen Philippi Open Late
Don Pollack, Badlands
Rana Rochat, Untitled NZ 240
Kevin Sonmor, Third Red Chance, 40 x 40
Laura Wood, The Moon Does Not Wait to Cast its Reflection, oil painting
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