Emily Filler


Canadian artist Emily Filler continues to explore the potential of collage. Images from old photographs, pieces of fabric are used to create imaginary landscapes and whimsical bouquets of flowers. Emily Filler creates a sense of the familiar, but also the feeling that one is falling into a dream.


Walking the line between the real and the imaginary, Filler’s paintings invoke a sense of the familiar, but also the feeling that one is falling into a dream. Flowers act as a departure point to a world that dissolves into abstraction.

Like a collage, Filler’s work is pieced together from things she has seen that linger in her mind. Fabric patterns, images from books, magazines, her environment and photographs are all used in the creation process. What began as fragments are finalized into a complete image: something whole.

Observation becomes a very important part of Filler’s process. The artist’s hand is clearly visible in the work, experimenting with a diverse assemblage of colours, patterns, textures, and mark-making. Many areas are kept wild and gestural, complimenting the more precious areas. Filler also relies heavily on the act of removal – rubbing out areas of a painting that she has spent hours building up. This chance experimentation often reveals a hint of colour or pattern that was not before visible.

Emily Filler received her BFA Honours from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited across North America and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

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