Kristofir Dean


Kristofir Dean is a Canadian abstract painter focusing on geometric abstraction. Kristofir Dean’s illusionistic paintings are saturated in colour and create optical 3-D effects. Surfaces are built up to create a sculptural presence, invading the viewer’s space.


With a focus on geometric abstraction, Dean’s illusionistic paintings bring forth the full spectrum of colour. Colour acts as a focal point; each bold line and juxtaposing mark are saturated with rich hues, creating a vibrating language between colours. From afar, Dean’s paintings appear as 3-D objects, challenging the viewer’s perspective and visual space.

Kristofir Dean holds a BFA from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). His paintings have been shown internationally, including Australia and Hong Kong.

“In all aspects of life, colour has great significance…identification, meaning and mood are all encoded in colour.” – Kristofir Dean

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